We Go Green

We Go Green

Because we care

Paperless Accounting

We respect our clients and the environment

We invest in people for the people, and we are committed to continue helping this world become a better living for our children. We believe there is nothing more important of living your life at its best.

We help by introducing the paperless accounting to our firm from the very beginning so we could actively help the environment through recycling, and less usage of paper at our work.


The benefits are for both our environment, and of course for our customers. We couldn't do something without considering our valuable customers, and their businesses.

Benefits from Paperless Accounting


Immediate Response

  • Questions can be answered right away, and not by calling back in 15 or more minutes.
  • Requests like 3 last years of tax paperwork can be replied in minutes and not days.

Efficient, Productive and Profitable for all

  • By being able to respond quickly we save time for our clients.
  • By returning all papers back to customers, they have no need to keep copies. It saves from their yearly budget.
  • Easier exchange of documentation internally and externally
  • Quicker transfer of documents leading to less expenses

The Environment

  • Less electricity consumption
  • Less paper use
  • More recycling

Other Benefits

  • Safer transfer and exchange of documentation. Not having the fear of losing important documentation.